Brava Translations provides a full suite of translation services to address business, personal, and professional needs. We custom design our services with our clients in order to address each client’s specific project requirements. Because of this, the service you order will be tailored to your needs, but we can give you an idea of our most requested services. We’re always willing to accommodate our client’s needs, so if you don’t see the service you need listed, just ask!

Personal Documents

Customers who need translations to or from Chinese frequently have special needs. We have often translated personal documents such as academic credentials, birth certificates, and passports. Our company has become known for its fast and accurate translations of these personal documents. Such records often need government inspection and approval, which is why we tell our clients to trust their translations only to experts with the skills and knowledge needed to produce translations that meet government quality standards. Because many customers need quick translations for travel or application reasons, we are always standing by 24 hours a day to answer questions and produce top-quality translations.

Corporate Documents

Brava Translations can help your business to grow and to succeed. We guarantee the accuracy of our translations, and we are committed to superb customer service. This, in turn, gives our clients useful advantages in any industry. Whether you are looking to expand your business or enter a new market, we can help you meet the needs of the global marketplace at every stage—from website localization to business contracts to marketing materials. We offer more details on our translation services on the Industry Expertise page.

Interpreter Services

We also offer several Chinese language interpreters who can to work with clients for immediate, on-the-spot translation of business meetings, legal proceedings, or other functions and events to ensure that everyone in attendance understands each other in a natural, fluid way.