Professional English to Chinese and Chinese to English Translation Services

Brava Translations provides a full suite of translation services to address business, personal, and professional needs. We custom design our services with our clients in order to address each client's specific project requirements. Because of this, the service you order will be tailored to your needs, but we can give you an idea of our most [...]

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English to Chinese Translation Industry Expertise

Brava Translation can produce expert translations in a number of fields, and we offer this industry expertise to businesses and individuals because we are committed to serving our clients. Below is a list with descriptions of just a few of our areas of industry expertise. Website Translation and Localisation The influence of China in the global [...]

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Chinese Translation Could Save Your Business

In the long term – and more and more likely in the short term – translating your marketing and customer communication material into Chinese could save your business. The world is changing rapidly, and English to Chinese document translation will be a major factor in the future health of western businesses. The Facts Right now, [...]

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History of the Chinese Language

The Chinese family of languages is spoken by more than 1.136 billion people worldwide, and they compose a number of languages, including Mandarin, Cantonese, and Gan, among many others. All the forms of Chinese share a single written language, and as such are often classified together as "the Chinese language." Mandarin Chinese is the official [...]

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